Page 2: Chesapeake Light Craft's OkoumeFest at Matapeake State Park, Kent Island, Maryland

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The CLC staff stood-to at 0730 on Saturday morning to transport something like 50 demo boats down to the beach at Matapeake State Park.

There was a giant rigging session as most of our sailing craft were readied.

And soon the crowds arrived.  This year we tied our OkoumeFest attendance record.

The sun warmed the air and the sand and things got rolling quickly.

Someone tries rolling practice in a Petrel.

As usual, PocketShip was staged at a mooring off the beach and gave rides all day.

Here's the Northeaster Dory demonstrating that it still sails well with a LOT of weight forward of the centerline...

John Harris gives the Noank Pulling Boat a go in the light chop of the Chesapeake Bay.

The Noank proved a draw all day long.  Once its plans and manual are complete and small tweaks are made, we think this will be a popular kit.  It slots neatly between the Annapolis Wherry and Oxford Shell in terms of speed and performance.

sailboat kit

PocketShip, the CLC SailRig, and an Outrigger Junior captured in the same frame.

Swampscott Dory Plans

There was the occasional wet landing...

Passagemaker Dinghy Kit

The Passagemaker Dinghy, boiling along in good trim.

Strip Planked Kayak Kit

Our own Joey Schott finds a break from boat demos to give a Petrel a workout.

The midday mob scene at the beach.

Dudley Dix PaperJet

Our friend Dudley Dix brought his fast and home-buildable PaperJet racing dinghy.  He'd have liked a little more wind to really show off this boat's legs!

The kids table, with model boatbuilding, was a big hit as usual.

Our brace of Outrigger Junior prototypes saw a lot of action, gliding on and off the beach in winds ranging from 0 to 12 knots.

Outrigger Sailboat

Outrigger Sailboat

Noah, a skilled sailor and CLC summer assistant, gives the Outrigger Junior a go.

Outrigger sailboat kit

The Outrigger Junior showing off its bilateral asymmetry in very light air.

nesting dinghy kit

Ferry rides out to PocketShip in a Passagemaker Dinghy.

Kids Kayak Kit

Lots of boats on hand for the kids!  This is a Wood Duckling.

kids kayak plans

Nick Schade demonstrating, once again, why the Wood Duckling has a 100-pound max payload.

Cedar Strip Canoe Kit

Sailing Dory Plans

The Northeaster Dory making knots with the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in the background.

Petrel Play Kayak Kit

The Petrel Play, a new kayak kit.

One of the WaterTribe competitors staged for the race that started on May 18th.

The WaterTribe Competitors lined up on the beach. John has more photos and a wrap of the WaterTribe race on the blog.

And then it was time for our esteemed panel of experts to award prizes...

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