Page 2: Chesapeake Light Craft's OkoumeFest at Matapeake State Park, Kent Island, Maryland

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Boats on the Beach at Matapeake

Sun, breeze, and lots of boats to enjoy on the water at Matapeake. There were more than a hundred wooden boats on the beach.

Nymph 12 Canoe

The CLC SailRig, mounted on a Chesapeake 17.

OkoumeFest Saturday marked the public debut of the new Southwester Dory, which didn't have an idle moment all day long.

The Southwester Dory was clearly one of the hits of the show.

Southwester Dory: Didn't stay on the beach for long

Southwester Dory

Here's the Northeaster Dory, the Southwester Dory's smaller sister.

Northeaster Dory

The Northeaster Dory, here in its sloop rig setup.

Outrigger Junior

The Outrigger Junior was fast (and busy) all day long.

Outrigger Junior

Exciting, but surprisingly docile to handle and comfortable, the Outrigger Junior has enjoyed a long and careful development and is just now transitioning into full production.

Paul Sobon's Proa

Paul Sobon's 16-foot Pacific proa, based on traditional Gilbertese designs.

Paul's Proa

Here's Paul with everything dialed in.

The Eastport Pram was popular, both for solo sailors and families.

As usual, the Skerry was kept busy giving rides all day.

 . . . as did the Passagemaker Dinghy.

Family Fun!

Everyone, including the kids, had fun.

As in years past, kids could build their own model boat, always very popular! 

Testing out a Wood Duckling 8.

The Sassafras 16.

Folks of all ages tried their skills with a Kaholo SUP board.


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