Some people might think this is crazy. Well, we did, too, a little, at first. But 27-year-old Scott Mestrezat from Chicago is in the middle of an epic adventure, paddling the Kaholo 14 Stand Up Paddleboard he built for the purpose down the entire length of the Missouri River from southwestern Montana to St. Louis, about 2,400 miles.

Building an Expedition Vimeo Launch

Borrowing space in a friend's hangar, Scott---an experienced paddleboarder but a novice boatbuilder---built the board in a couple of weeks, using whatever time he had to spare between wrapping up his desk job in finance and organizing the rest of his city life to take off for a four-month departure from routine. Actually, the finishing details weren't applied until he was already en route across country by car to the headwaters of the river in Three Forks, MT, with the last coats of varnish going on under cover of a tent cabin in the Grand Tetons.

Scott at Launch

Although he had test-floated the board just once, and then only for a few minutes, Scott loaded up some 80 pounds of gear, climbed aboard, and set off on the river at the Missouri Headwaters State Park on June 7, 2013. After traversing Montana, he's passing through North and South Dakotas and threading along the borders of Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas, before crossing the girth of Missouri to reach the end of his journey in St. Louis, some time in September.

Scott has a nice blog going, and is keeping his Facebook page up to date so it's easy to follow along as he chases his dream adventure down the mighty Missouri.

Despite some interesting weather challenges and other hurdles, Scott is making good progress on the river, and he's been getting some nice coverage from local media as he passes by, too. At this writing, about two weeks into the adventure, he's cleared Great Falls, MT, where the Great Falls Tribune and KRTV Channel 3 picked up on his trek.

We confess to having had some initial doubts as to the wisdom of Scott's quest, but we're looking forward to seeing him complete it. Go, Scott, go!


Scott's Kaholo