Top Ten Boat Kits of 2015

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Pretty much just for fun, we've compiled lists of our most popular designs and gear in 2015, ranked by sales.

Wood Duck Kayaks1. Wood Duck Kayaks

Never absent from the Top Ten since these Eric Schade-designed rec kayaks bowed in 2007, the Wood Ducks edged out the Kaholo Paddleboards for the first time to lead the crowd in 2015.  We shipped almost 200 Wood Ducks last year, and they've been built on six continents.  Paddlers love them for their light weight, surprising turn of speed, and affable handling qualities.  Builders love them for the low parts-count and quick assembly time.  Wood Ducks are available in sizes from 8 to 14 feet.
Wood Duck 12 Hybrids by John A
2. Kaholo Stand-Up Paddleboards - 12'6" and 14'Kaholo 14 Hybrids by Trevor & Warren Olson

We are gradually darkening the waters with Kaholo SUPs.  Our calculated risk to tilt the design of these boards towards the performance end of the spectrum has paid off:  these are stand-up paddleboards that are stable enough for beginners but fast enough to win races.  No wonder we had to add a split shift for a few months to keep up with demand for these kits.  

Northeaster Dory by Rogan B

3. Northeaster Dory 
Dories have always been about getting a lot of boat for the money, and apparently plenty of you have done the math.  The 17-foot Northeaster Dory features an 800-pound payload, rows beautifully, and will delight the fussiest of sailors with either sloop or balanced-lug sailplans.  You can add a sliding seat, go camping out of the boat, or even win an adventure race or two.  Traditional dories were the Boston Whalers of the waterfront a hundred years ago.  In the 21st century, the combination of speed, payload, and economy remains a major attraction of the type.  The introduction of the new Southwester Dory, a larger decked-in version of the Northeaster Dory, promises to expand the horizons of this highly capable design.
Northeaster dory by Eric K

4. Annapolis Wherry Single and Tandem Wherry Annapolis Wherry by Bill P
Always a Top Ten finisher since the Annapolis Wherry was launched in 1998, these elegant lapstrake pulling boats beguile sliding-seat rowers with speed and beauty. While the Annapolis Wherry and Annapolis Wherry Tandem are slicing up rivers and bays all over the world, the rugged back-country Expedition Wherry is steadily gaining in popularity.

Shearwater 17s by John & Patrick M5. Shearwater Kayaks
The sleek and sporty Shearwater sea kayaks continue their run.  Something like 1200 of the kits have been launched in various sizes and configurations.  The "hybrid" option, which combines a strip-planked deck with a plywood hull, is growing ever-more popular, and got an all-new instruction manual in 2015.
Shearwater 16 & Shearwater 16 Hybrid, built by Bill & Carol P
Eastport Pram Dinghy Kit6. Eastport Pram 
Adorable, and universally adored. A great, all-around yacht tender and sail trainer. It's hard to believe that marine plywood can combine to create such a lovely and functional little boat.  Given the pick of anything in our fleet, several of the CLC staff are known to choose an Eastport Pram to accompany them on their family vacation.  You can throw a couple of adults in for a sail, or let the kids loose to learn the ropes.

Chesapeake 17s by Catherine G7. Chesapeake Kayaks

Still our bread-and-butter touring kayaks since the designs launched 20 years ago, in 1996. Rugged, fast, and unusually easy to customize, we've seen Chesapeake kayaks undertaking the most remarkable adventures.  Beginners appreciate the ease of construction and forgiving handling qualities;  experts respect their speed, endurance, and payload capacity.


8. Passagemaker
Passagemaker Take Apart (left) and Standard KitOriginally designed at the behest of Passagemaker Magazine as a tender for larger yachts, the Passagemaker has found an enduring niche as a family daysailer, trainer, and camp-cruiser. Rigged as a sloop or with a single balanced lug sail, the Passagemakers are stiff, fast, and dry and will carry up to 650 pounds of people and gear.

Mill Creek 139. Mill Creek Kayaks 

It's hard to imagine that these designs will be 21 years old in 2016, and yet they still claw their way into the Top Ten year after year. The Mill Creek designs are based on 1930's "double-paddle canoes," the fancy decked canoes that popularized paddling at a time when the word "kayak" was mostly unknown. (The real thing, at that time, was still used almost exclusively for hunting big game above the Arctic circle.) A big cockpit and plenty of stability compliment the timeless good looks of the Mill Creeks.Mill Creek 16.5 Hybrid by Brian C

10. CLC Cradle BoatsCLC Cradle Boat

A boat that isn't a real boat makes the Top Ten list in 2015.  To our certain knowledge, not a single one of these has ever been in the water.  No matter!  The CLC Cradle Boat works as a infant cradle, dog or cat bed, or as a lovely coffee table.  A beautiful piece of furniture and an outstanding gift for the little people in your life.



Almost made the Top Ten:

11. Skerry

12. Sassafras 

13. Chester Yawl

14. Peeler Skiff

15. Mystic River

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