In August and September, we rolled into Michigan, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Montana, California, and Washington for boat demos.  It took two trucks, a big one hauling 20 kayaks and smallcraft, and a small one hauling the 800-pound PocketShip.  Thanks to EVERYONE for coming out to see us and for your inestimable assistance in organizing the trip.

John Harris and PocketShip touched down in Saint Joseph, MI, Bayfield, WI, and White Bear Lake, MN, plus quick stops in Fargo and Missoula before joining the "Big Rig" in Port Townsend, WA for the WoodenBoat Festival.  Word is that more than 20,000 people came through the gates at the WoodenBoat Festival, at least 19,000 of whom must have climbed aboard PocketShip at some point.

Our colleagues Matt, Carey, Joey, and Larry put in massive windshield time for demos in Madison, WI, Newport Beach, CA, and Sacramento, CA. 

Next up:  We hope to get back to the Southeast and beyond.  The wheels keep rolling until we eventually manage demos in all 50 states.

Here are some great photos by Matt Crooks and others on the trip.

 CLC on the Road

 The Big Rig near Missoula, MT


CLC Demo at Rutabaga in Madison, Wisconsin

Rutabaga, in Madison, WI welcomed us once again to their beautiful location for in-water demos.  Thanks to Darren and his team and we'll be back soon.


CLC Rig on the Road

The Big Rig angled across from Madison to California, and Matt grabbed this photo on Highway 12 in southern Utah.  Evidently parking the rig on the highway brought wrath, and a ticket, from the highway patrol.  Great photo, though!


PocketShip on Tour

Meanwhile, John Harris was wandering the Upper Midwest with PocketShip.  We had a big turnout at White Bear Lake, where John had time to launch PocketShip for a sail.


PocketShip on Tour

Sailing on White Bear Lake.  A wonderful late-summer day on a great sailing lake!


Bad Route Road - PocketShip Tour

An irresistable road sign on I-94 in eastern Montana.


Skerry under sail

Carey got in some Skerry sailing before the demo in Newport Beach, CA.  Next time, stow the tiller universal joint line before we get a pretty photo, Carey.


CLC Demo in Newport Beach


Before the start of the demo in Newport Beach, CA. 


Kaholos in Newport Beach

We had a great turnout of Kaholo paddleboards in Newport Beach.  Great fabric work on the decks!


Lake Natoma Demo


The Big Rig moved on to Sacramento, CA, where we had our largest crowd ever.


Dory Stability on Lake Natoma

Someone stability-testing the Northeaster Dory on Lake Natoma.


Booth in Port Townsend

We all met up in Port Townsend for the big WoodenBoat Festival.  That's such a great show that we fight over booth duty back in Annapolis.  Here's an aerial view of the booth from across the harbor.


PocketShip in Port Townsend

PocketShip in the water at the WoodenBoat Festival.  In this early-morning photo the docks are not yet thronged with show-goers.


CLC Booth in Port Townsend

Our booth at Hudson Point in Port Townsend. 


Rowing a Wherry in Port Townsend

We had demos right out of our booth all weekend long.  Here's our Annapolis Wherry getting worked out on open water.


PocketShip under sail in Port Townsend

Since PocketShip was in the water, we were able to sneak out for a sail a few times during the show.

See you next year!

 See you on the road soon!