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(Published April 1st, 2019. Ahem.)

Have you ever reached for a flotation device, but couldn't find one? 

The design team at Chesapeake Light Craft have come up with a solution for this dangerous problem.

Now you can download a PDF---Personal Device (Flotation)---right from this page! If you have a computer and a printer, you have a Flotation Device!

Download a PDF in your size (Large, Medium, or Kids), print it out on ordinary paper, cut along the lines, and tape it together! In just 40 to 60 minutes you'll have a ready-to-wear PDF, just your size!

Features include an adjustable strap and some snazzy black stripes. Print on brightly-colored paper if you want to make a statement, or actually be seen in the water. Let the kids decorate their own PDF!

Get your own PDF now!

Print your PDF on ordinary bond paper, and stick it together with cellophane tape:

Print as many as you like, and wear them in any configuration: