Model: Length: Hull Weight: Beam: Max Payload: Cockpit Size: Paddler Weight: Knee Height: Max. Men's Shoe Size:
Shearwater 16 Hybrid 16' 2" 42 lbs. 23 in. 240 lbs. 31" x 16-1/2" 120 - 190 lbs. 13" 10
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Shearwater 16 Hybrid Configurations:
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Standard Configurations:
Complete Kit
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Alternative Configurations:

Wood Parts Only Kit
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Plans & Manual Only
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Manual Only
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Manual Only - Emailed PDF
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Study Plans - Emailed PDF
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Additional Components:

Guillemot Retractable Skeg Kit
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Invisible Hatch Hold-Down Kit
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Materials List for Plans Builders:
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Cedar-strip kayaks are admired for their beauty and functionality.  Kayaks made entirely of cedar strips require a “strongback” and special molds, which translates into a lot of skilled labor and time.  Why not combine the best qualities of stitch-and-glue plywood kayaks with the beauty of a cedar strip deck?

This is exactly what we have done with the Shearwater Hybrid kayak kits.  We took the standard Shearwater’s graceful hull lines and added a strip-planked deck.  The resulting hybrid of strip and plywood techniques combines the look of a cedar-strip hull with the speedy assembly and great handling of a West Greenland-style hull.  The Shearwater Hybrid is a kayak with elegance and individuality. Since the hull forms the “strongback” for constructing the strip-planked deck, assembly time is a fraction of an all-strip hull.  Our Shearwater 16 display model took about 100 hours from start to finish!

Here’s how it works.  The Shearwater Hybrid’s hull is identical to the standard Shearwater’s, with computer-cut BS 1088 Okoume panels assembled with “finger joints” so it goes together very, very quickly.  Computer-cut molds are set into the hull with temporary hot glue.  These molds shape and support the deck during construction.  With the kit, we include 50% Western Red and 50% Alaskan Yellow cedar strips. The strips are milled with a “bead and cove” joint so that one slides into the next for perfect joinery.  

Once the deck pattern has been established and glued together, the entire deck is gently taken off the hull and the underside fiberglassed.  The molds are removed from the hull, then the deck epoxied back in place, atop structural “sheer clamps.”  Finally, the top of the strip deck is fiberglassed and the cockpit and hatches are added.

Our strip-built and hybrid kits ship with 50% Western Red and 50% Alaskan Yellow cedar bead & cove strips. Photos on our website and printed materials may show patterns and accent strips with walnut or other materials. Optional walnut strips are available and can be shipped with kit orders

Build this boat if:

  • You want the looks of a cedar-stripped kayak without the construction difficulty
  • You weigh less than 165lbs and your shoe size is 10 or less
  • You want a sporty, West Greenland-style kayak
  • You prefer advanced handling qualities in all conditions, including waves
  • You want a closer-fitting cockpit (like a bucket seat in a sports car)

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