Model: Length: Hull Weight: Beam: Max Payload: Paddler Weight: Knee Height: Max. Men's Shoe Size:
Ganymede and Io Kayak Kits 13' 0" 33 lbs. 25 in. 250 lbs. 50 - 250 lbs. 12" 12
Ganymede and Io Kayak Kits Configurations:
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Standard Configurations:
Ganymede Kayak Kit
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IO Child's Kayak Kit
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Alternative Configurations:

Ganymede Wood Parts Only Kit
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Io Child's Kayak Wood Parts Only Kit
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Ganymede Full-Sized Plans and Manual Only
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The Ganymede and Io are designs from Nick Schade's "Jupiter Point" series of kayaks. This family of lightweight kayaks are versatile, easy to build, and fun to paddle. With distinctive and attractive 3-panel hulls and decks, these kayaks are speedy to assemble, have a lot of character, and handle as well as boats three times their cost and complexity.

Io is 7-foot-long child's kayak built in a weekend or two from a single sheet of plywood. The payload for the Io is a maximum of around 75 pounds. The prototype Io weighs an astonishing 12-1/2 pounds (5.7kg). Io is light enough that if you are in a kayak or other boat alongside your child, you can pick up and empty Io and help the child climb back in after a capsize. Construction is extremely simple, but rugged enough for real use. The small components make for an unusually economical kit (especially when it comes to shipping!).  

Ganymede is a 13-foot recreational kayak built from just 3 sheets of plywood. The Ganymede design is ideal for smaller women or children under 120 pounds. They will find the Ganymede nimble, stable, and comfortable. Larger paddlers—over 120 pounds—fit easily in the large cockpit but will sacrifice some of the stability that a kayak designed specifically for their weight would have.

Build a Ganymede or Io if:

  • You want the quickest and easiest kayak building project in our catalog
  • You need a kid's kayak that looks great but can stand some real bashing around
  • You weigh under 120 pounds (Ganymede) or under 75 pounds (Io)

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Learn more about Io on Nick Schade's website, here, and more about the Ganymede here.