Grain Steamer - Longboard Configurations:
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Standard Configurations:
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This mini-tanker was built with the small-statured longboarder in mind. This full-volume, catch-anything, design is not only excellent for beginners or those transitioning from logs to shorter boards, but also for more advanced riders dropping into hollower waves where full-size longboards just don’t fit. Gently curving hips help this board sweep through turns like a dream, while the wider, classic longboard nose begs for you to cross-step forward. 
Finished Board Specs:
8' x 22-7/8" x 3-1/16", Volume 65.34 L
Chesapeake Light Craft has been working with Grain Surfboards since 2009---we're really excited by what they're doing with their Home Grown series of wooden surfboard kits. With our San O' series of paddleboard kits, we discovered a mine of enthusiasm for wooden boards with a modern vibe. You’ll discover that wooden surfboards ride with more energy and carry more momentum down the wave. The original surfboards were wood, and a well-built wooden board will feel solid underfoot but also transmit a pleasing softness like nothing you’ve ever experienced on a 'glass and foam board. Wave after wave you’ll find new ways to praise its qualities. Quite simply, Grain Surfboard kits are a perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern performance.

Grain Surfboard kits are manufactured by hand using predominately Northern White Cedar, with some Western Red Cedar thrown in for color. White Cedar is super light, extremely rot-resistant and beautiful to look at. What else could you ask for when building a surfboard? The natural qualities of these tight-grained woods ensure durability, strength, and lightweight rideability for many years. Like all CLC boat kits, Grain Surfboards are sheathed in fiberglass and coated in epoxy for a lifetime of hard use without the headache of old-fashioned woodenboat maintenance.

Every Grain Surfboard kit comes with everything you need to build your own board, including CNC-cut keel and frames, hand-cut top and bottom planks, rail strips, fin box, glue, epoxy, fiberglass, mixing buckets, gloves, and a detailed instruction manual. These kits are designed to be built by anyone with the room to do it. Previous woodworking experience is not necessary.  Shipping quote to be provided for each order.  Shipping fees apply to local pickup as well.