Model: Length: Hull Weight: Beam: Rowing Draft: Sailing Draft: Sail Area:
Trika 540 by Klaus Metz 17' 9" 154 lbs. 129 in. 5" 27" 84 sq ft.
Trika 540 by Klaus Metz Configurations:
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Trika 540 Plywood Parts Kit
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Klaus Metz, of Munich, Germany designed this light, fast, demountable trimaran.  Our friend Dudley Dix handles some of these designs on this side of the Atlantic and suggested we cut kits for the Trika 540.  We're glad to do so.

The Trika 540 kit includes all of the plywood parts cut on our CNC machine from BS1088 okoume marine plywood, and shipped "tabbed" into 4x8 sheets. Epoxy, fiberglass, and solid timber is available separately.  The instructions will walk you through acquiring and assembling the mast, rigging, and sails.  We will email you a shipping quote before processing your order.

You will need to purchase the plans and instructions in addition to the kit.  Order the plans directly from Klaus Metz here, or, in the US, from Dudley Dix, here.

Klaus will be handling all assembly questions you might have; you can reach him by clicking here or email [email protected]

Klaus writes:

The TRIKA 540 is a versatile, super-fun boat for one or two. It was designed from the ground up for efficiency, speed, and easy handling. It is not a retrofitted kayak but specifically created for excellent performance both under sail and while paddling.

In its basic form it is a stable and very fast two person kayak, small enough to be paddled by one person yet big enough to take two on a camping trip.

Attach the aka crossbeams, the retractable amas, step the sailing rig, and you have a stable and fast sailing craft. Powered by a full-battened main and a roller furling jib the sailing performance is amazing.

When the wind begins to blow just mount the additional hiking-seat-crossbeam, fit the two basic seats into the crossbeam, connect the hand tiller to the rudder and off we go! All that can be done while you are on the water within two minutes and of course without any tools.

The amas can be easily folded parallel against the hull to simplify negotiating tight spots or docking.

To make car-topping or storage much easier, both amas can be stored in the main hull.


- Fast and stable Kayak for one or two

- Assembled within 25 minutes to a sailing trimaran, no tools needed

- Waterline length as long as hull length

- Main hull bow with narrow V-shape

- Amas (floats) with optional wave piercing bows

- Amas canted 5° inboard for correct orientation when heeled

- Easily retractable/removable amas

- Amas can be stowed in main hull for easier transport or storage

- Truly car-toppable, no trailer needed

- Unstayed, two-piece aluminum or carbon-fiber mast

- Efficient full-battened main sail with one or two reef points

- Roller furling jib

- Excellent foot-steering with retractable foil rudder

- NACA-foil daggerboard for best performance on a close reach

- Optional hiking-seat and hand tiller easily assembled for sporty sailing

- Well-thought-out deck layout for single-handed sailing 

- Large, open cockpit allows easy ingress and exit

- Neat but effective coaming to deflect water, can also be used with optional dodger or sprayskirt

- More than 180 liters storage room forward and behind cockpit opening

- Easy stitch-and-glue design