Model: Length: Hull Weight: Beam: Max Payload: Rowing Draft: Sailing Draft:
Skerry Raid 14' 11" 140 lbs. 60 in. 500 lbs. 6" 32"
Skerry Raid Configurations:
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The "Skerry Raid," also known as the Expedition Skerry, was created for author and photographer John Guider, who used it for an epic 6000-mile+ Great Loop voyage in the boat.  Guider completed his adventure in August 2015, and his Facebook page makes entertaining reading for anyone fascinated by small boat sagas.

Six inches wider than the stock Skerry, this design is decked in, with watertight stowage fore and aft.  A pivoting centerboard replaces the standard model's daggerboard.  Two rigs were tried: a sprit mainsail with a roller furling jib, and a single balanced lug sail.  The simpler lug sail was found to be the best fit for the wild range of conditions that John endured, from violent storms in open water to placid creek-crawling.

This design remains in "BETA" status, meaning it does not yet include a step-by-step instruction manual.  (Much of the hull construction follows the stock Skerry's instructions, which are included with the kit, along with a text construction outline for the Skerry Raid.) As of Winter 2019 about fifteen Skerry Raids have been built.  

Construction is well within the capabilities of a patient builder who's done a little work with epoxy and fiberglass.

Please contact [email protected] for more information if you are interested in this design.