Model: Length: Hull Weight: Beam: Max Payload: Paddler Weight:
microBootlegger Sport 15' 6" 38 lbs. 22 in. 259 lbs. 150 - 250 lbs.
microBootlegger Sport Configurations:
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Standard Configurations:
Complete Kit - microBootlegger Sport
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Wood Parts Only Kit
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Forms & Strongback Only Kit
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Forms Only Kit
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Based on Nick Schade's popular microBootlegger tandem kayak design, the microBootlegger Sport was originally designed  for an inexperienced, yet fit paddler looking for a kayak he could grow into.

Suitable for someone seeking a comfortable, stable yet very capable kayak, this is a kayak that you can jump into right away and that will grow with you as your skills improve. The microBootlegger Sport is a bit of sleeper. To the untrained eye, it may look like a sedate boat for quiet paddling around a calm lake, and it is a great kayak for that, but as the wind builds, and the waves pick up this vessel rises to the occasion. 

With just a slight rake to the stem and stern, this kayak has an almost full length waterline, giving it good speed potential. With a bit of flare and relatively high sides, the Sport has good stability, while still being narrow enough at the waterline to minimize how much water is disturbed as she cuts across the lake.

With the same waterline length as much longer kayaks, it is fast. The transitioning chine that starts rounded and soft at the bow and becomes hard behind the cockpit creates a kayak that is responsive and quick. A little pressure on the foot-pegs will allow the hull to edge easily and carve an efficient turn. The high roomy deck has plenty of space for your feet, but the recessed cockpit gives your thighs something to hold on to without restricting strong torso rotation.

A well designed kayak allows the paddler to have a conversation with the water. More that just traveling over the water, a kayak can let you interact, feel and respond. Although it is a very different kayak from the Petrel, the Sport shares a similar bottom shape. It has a similar transitioning chine that is rounded in front and hard behind. This allows for smooth progress into waves, while providing a positive control surface while working down wind for capable surfing. This kayak will be reassuring to novice kayakers, yet provide exciting performance to a skilled paddler.

The recessed cockpit stays out your way and provides a very sophisticated look to the design. It does add a bit of complication to the build, but can be left out to make a very simple build. Most of the strips run pretty straight so it is a good design for experimenting with more difficult woods.

The elegant lines will catch everbody’s attention, so be prepared to deal with some “PLS” (Parking Lot Syndrome) where people ask you about your kayak when you really just want to go paddling.

Our strip-built and hybrid kits ship with 50% Western Red and 50% Alaskan Yellow cedar bead & cove strips. Photos on our website and printed materials may show patterns and accent strips with walnut or other materials. Optional walnut strips are available and can be shipped with kit orders