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Annapolis Wherry Scale Model Kit
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Here's a perfectly accurate scale model of the Annapolis Wherry!

This kit is a one-eighth scale rendition of the Annapolis Wherry. Construction follows the same sequence as the full-sized version, so much so that you could probably use the original's instruction manual to build the model. The major difference is that the model requires no fiberglass and epoxy work! Nevertheless, we found that the assembly process was very similar at full and one-eighth scale. It's a great practice run for an Annapolis Wherry or any of CLC's larger stitch-and-glue kits.

We've created a video showing every single step in assembly, as well as a spiral-bound assembly manual with more than 300 illustrations and comprehensive instruction.

If you're pondering construction of a Annapolis Wherry, the model will be a great introduction to the process. If you already have an Annapolis Wherry, you'll love having one on the mantel to admire when it's too cold to row!

Construction time is 8-10 hours, or a week of evenings. The laser-cut hull is stitched together with copper wire (just like the real boat), and glued together with fast-drying CA glue. The kit includes a functioning sliding seat and proper sculls.

The 17'9" Annapolis Wherry, first introduced by CLC in 1998, has been one of the most popular boat kits of all time. The Annapolis Wherry design is derived from the graceful wooden wherries used as livery boats on the River Thames in the 19th century. Lighter, slimmer, and lower than the originals, the Annapolis Wherry offers truly thoroughbred performance on the water combined with great elegance. Solid stability, seakindly lines, excellent tracking, a buoyant bow, and ample flare make the Wherry a natural choice for rowing in choppy conditions. The open design allows for plenty of sprawling and a picnic basket when beach cruising.