Knee Brace Kit

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Price: $30.00  (per pair)


Minicel foam blanks. Glue to the underside of your coaming and carve to a perfect fit.  Indispensable for good control of a sea kayak in edging turns and handling waves.  Even in relaxed paddling, they give your knees something to rest against that's much more comfortable than the clammy underside of the deck.  Blanks are 6" x 12" -- the thickness slopes from 2-1/2" to 1/2".

Kit includes instructions. You will need to do some carving on the knee braces for a comfortable fit. Just set the boat in the grass or on cushions, have a seat, and carve away until you're happy. Use ordinary contact cement to fix them in place when you're done. For more detailed instructions, see our ShopTip on Installing Knee Braces. Here's how a finished knee brace looks, glued to the underside of the deck:

                                        Knee Brace