Rubber Kayak Hatch, by Sealect

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A strong rubber hatch cover snaps over a plastic flange, creating a watertight - even airtight - seal. The design is said to have been adapted from WWII lifeboat storage compartment hatches. Ideal for day hatches, or as access hatches on wet boats. Rubber hatches are standard in Pax kits and work nicely on Shearwater or Wood Duck decks. (The plastic flange will not, however, accommodate highly radiused decks.) 

SEA-LECT hatches are made of injection-molded polycarbonate and high-grade rubber for strength and durability. Special UV coatings shield against sun damage, and all hatches are sealed with TPU, which provides superior resistance to impact, abrasions and tears regardless of the conditions and weather.

These dome-shaped hatches allow water to siphon off while providing extra room below.  And the snap-on, snap-off design fits snugly, yet provides easy access.

SEA-LECT hatches substitute for the VCP brand hatches at a fraction of the cost.

Dimensions Shown on Diagrams:

Round -- Dim A: 8"                         Dim B: 1-3/8"

Oval   -- Dim A: 17-1/4" x 10"        Dim B: 2"