CLC Tool Box Kit

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The CLC Tool Box is the boatbuilder's interpretation of the classic "tab-and-slot" type, favored by woodworkers for its ease of assembly and flexibility. As the name suggests, the tool box goes together with mortise-and-tenon joints, with two locking "keys" to hold the whole assembly together. And since it's made of premium marine-grade plywood, just like our boat and camper kits, the CLC Tool Box is rigid and durable.

How you finish your tool box is up to you. Either tab the parts together and call it a day, or coat the assembly with epoxy and varnish it for extra durability. Stain it or paint it if you'd like! Aside from serving as an excellent organizer for your boatbuilding tools, the CLC Tool Box is a great introduction to plywood kit construction.

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Finished Tool Box dimensions: 25" x 10" (approx. 9" tall)