CLC Simple Model Dory Kit for Beginners

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This 24" x 7" Banks-Style Simple Model Dory Kit is perfect for introducing beginners, including kids, to stitch-and-glue boatbuilding.  Just like our larger boat kits, parts are CNC-cut from 3mm plywood, stitched together with copper wire, and glued up with epoxy.  Have fun with the finish and this Model Dory will be an attractive addition to the mantle, office, or a child's bedroom.  It floats, too.

This ultra-simple model is not to be confused with the exact-scale Northeaster Dory Model. With its simplified, stripped out form and easy construction, this very basic model has been designed as a practice tool to help anyone develop rudimentary stitch and glue skills before tackling a more complex project. It's also suitable for youngsters.

The Base Model Dory Kit, comprising the pre-cut parts and copper wire, is just twenty bucks! The step-by-step instruction manual is freely available as a downloadable PDF.  

A model-sized epoxy kit is now available, with resin, hardener, mixing cups and sticks, and wood flour.  Alternatively, Model Dory builders can use the MAS Handy Repair kit or any epoxy that may be leftover from previous projects.  A combined 12 ounces of resin and hardener will be more than enough.  And if wood flour is not on hand, baking flour may be substituted.

We can include a print copy of the manual for an additional $5 and/or the model-sized epoxy kit for an additional $25---just make your selection from the dropdown menu before pressing Add to Cart.

Tool requirements have been kept to a bare minimum. You'll need: wire cutters, ordinary pliers, a razor knife, and a bit of 120-grit sandpaper.

And for potential boatbuilders who want to get their hands dirty with stitch-and-glue boatbuilding before committing to the real thing, this is an inexpensive start.