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Bio-Solv is an environmentally friendly solvent that can be used in place of Acetone, Xylene, MEK, thinners and other petroleum-based solvents.

It effectively cleans or prepares surfaces to be painted or epoxied, removes adhesives and cleans tools. Bio-Solv is a tried and proven green solvent with a 500+ KB Cleaning Value, that out performs traditional solvents such as Acetone, Xylene, MEK, Toluene, Lacquer thinner and other solvents. A True Green Alternative Solvent

  • 100% Bio-based, Bio-degradable, and carbon neutral
  • No Ozone Depleting Chemicals (EPA SNAP solvent)
  • No Global Warming Compounds
  • No Environmentally Hazardous Ingredients
  • Made from renewable resources
  • Developed in partnership with U.S. EPA DfE program
  • Not Listed on California Proposition 65 (List of chemicals that cause cancer or birth defects)

Bio-Solv is ideally suited for a variety of marine, automotive and industrial cleaning and surface preparation applications including resin solving, paint and graffiti removal, vinyl graphics removal, adhesive clean-up, parts cleaning, and degreasing. Bio-Solv can be easily recycled though simple filtering or distillation for repeated reuse, and the low evaporation rate and high solvency formula can significantly reduce overall solvent usage. It contains no water and is completely reactive, unlike other green solvents which may contain up to 50% water.

Bio-Solv is a high performance blend of green solvents designed as an alternative to hazardous and highly flammable petroleum based solvents. It is not a flammable liquid*, contains no Hazardous Air Pollutants and is not a HAZMAT.

* International Customers: we do not ship this product outside the US.