3M Adhesive Backed Sandpaper Sheet Roll 2-3/4"

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A peculiar product that seems to be available only to professional boatbuilding shops.  We've always had a couple of rolls of this sticky-back paper in our shop, which can be used with flexible fairing boards, hand file boards, soft and hard sanding blocks or even just folded in half to get into those tight spots. 

Professionals consider this style of sandpaper absolutely indispensable.  It's expensive---as pro-quality gear tends to be---but students building boats in our classes become as addicted to its convenience as we are.  After the class is over, they ask where to buy it;  until now, we had to say "you're out of luck."  

A typical roll in the Chesapeake Light Craft class room will last for approximately 12-15 boats. 

3M 216U Gold Stikit Longboard Rolls feature P-graded aluminum oxide mineral coated on a durable A-weight paper backing with a Fre-Cut coating added to retard loading. Gold rolls are excellent for sanding varnish, sealers and light-colored substrates and wood.