Flat Webbing - Colored

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Marine-grade polypropylene, 1” wide, sold by the foot for hatch hold-down straps, seat rigging, and a dozen other chores on kayaks and small boats.  Choose color in pull-down; black is also available.

Here's how to use flat webbing for deck hold-downs.  Here are some deck rigging ideas.

(Prices are per foot) 

The chart below list the lengths of webbing and bungie cord that we ship with the corresponding kits.



Chesapeake Kayaks  22 ft  20 ft
Chesapeake II & III  23 ft  24 ft
Sport Tandem  23 ft  24 ft
Shearwater Kayaks  4 ft  20 ft
Shearwater Double  4 ft  20 ft
Pax 18 & 20  3 ft  16 ft
Mill Creek 13  6 ft  0
Mill Creek 16  12 ft  0
West River  22 ft  20 ft