Carbon Fiber Tape - 3"

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We used lot of this building the 31-foot Proa "Madness".  Just the thing for high-strength, high-modulus reinforcement, and it looks cool, too.  3" wide, 5.7 ounce weight.  This is American Made 3" inch wide Plain Weave 100% Carbon Tape with a fabric weight of 5.7 ounce per square yard at .012" thick.  

A great alternative to cutting small widths of woven fabric that unravel when being bonded to the substrate.  A perfect reinforcement where stiffness in the 0/90 direction is required and is a better alternative to a uni directional carbon tape where the strength only runs in one direction. Narrow Carbon tapes also exhibit the same properties and strength as the wider woven carbon fiber fabrics. 

Sold by the yard or the 50-foot roll (50-foot roll is drop shipped from our supplier).