Carbon Fiber 3K 2 x 2 Twill Weave Fabric - 5.7 oz. 50" wide

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Price: $60.00  (per yard)


This Carbon Fiber Twill Weave Fabric is ideal for boatbuilders.  It is more malleable than plain weave fabric, with a very high strength-to-weight ratio.  (And it's as strong as...steel.)  Twill weave fabric has an excellent draping quality and a classy appearance when clear-coated.

The cloth weighs 5.7 ounces/square yard.  It is sold by the yard in a 50" width.  All Carbon Fiber fabric orders are shipped on a roll.

Note: Orders of Carbon Fiber are dropshipped, so shipping rates will still apply for showroom pickups.  You will need to place an order ahead of time to pick up cloth at CLC.  (We may have very small quantities on hand.  Call ahead: 410-267-0137)