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Every wooden boat has a story, as they say, and every boat deserves a proper name.  Have you admired a beautifully lettered name on a boat?  It was almost certainly custom-cut vinyl. We have purchased a fancy CNC letter-cutter and can generate elegant lettering to order. Choose from three sizes, six fonts, and eight colors, starting at $2/character.    

This professional-grade lettering is extremely durable and indistinguishable from hand-painted work.  Click here to watch a video on how to apply lettering.  We're happy to handle custom requests;  all inquiries for custom graphics should go to [email protected].

Vinyl Boat Lettering Color ChoicesIt's easy to order!  We will email you an image of your lettering for your approval before shipping your order.  Here's how to do it:

1.  First, go to the right color page.  You are on the YELLOW page.  Click WHITEBLACKREDBLUEDARK BLUEYELLOWGOLD, OR GREEN to go the relevant page.

2.  Once you're on the right color page, use the pull-down menu to select the FONT and the HEIGHT of the lettering.  See examples below.

3.  In the "Quantity" box, indicate the number of characters.  For example, if the name of your boat is Circe, you would enter "5" for the number of characters.  If you would like two copies of the name---for example, to put on either side of the hull---you would enter "10" for the number of characters.  If the name of your boat is Miss Caroline, you would enter "13" as the number of characters (12 letters plus the space between).  

Vinyl Lettering - Ordering Instructions4.  Click "Add to Cart."  Now go buy three more boat kits, or proceed to check out.  In the process of checking out, you will find a box called "Order Notes & Preferences."  In that box, type the name of your boat (and specify if you are ordering multiple copies of the name).  Click on the screenshot to the left for a pop-up with more detail.


5.  In a few days, we will send you a "proof" of your boat name for your approval before cutting and shipping the graphics.

Vinyl Boat Lettering Font Choices