Cypress - Marine Lumber

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Cypress is our favorite boatbuilding wood.  Taxodium distichum grows in swamps of the US Southeast.  Possessed of a warm, buttery color, it's easy to work, strong, and extremely rot-resistant.  In spite of the natural oils that make it so durable, it accepts epoxy with alacrity.

This is the wood we use for all sheer clamps, chine logs, interior stringers, structural members such as daggerboard trunk logs, and so on.  We even use it for spars.  

If you're looking for pre-packaged sheer clamp or chine log "kits," with scarf joints, click here.

Finish: S4S (surfaced 4 sides)  

**Prices shown are Per Lineal Foot of the selected dimension**  

If you desire board lengths over 7-1/2 feet, please indicate that in the Order Notes field on the final checkout screen.

Pickup Orders: Please call ahead to check on availability before making a long trip to pick up lumber.

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