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Sapele (sah-peel-ee) is a beautiful russet brown grained wood from Africa; also known as Sapele Mahagony. It is a member of the same family as Mahogany and frequently is a substitute; as Genuine Mahogany is now listed in CITES endangered list. Ours is quarter-sawn and used in everything from Boats to musical instuments, thwarts, floorboards, rubrails, finish carpentry, veneers, and plywoods. It has been valued for centuries for its beauty, durability and resistance to decay. Sapele is definitely the "cream of the African Mahogany" like hardwoods in performance, stability, and appearance. Ever-increasing demand put a lot of strain on the mahogany forests of its native South and Central America, leading to protections, increased cost, and decreased availability. Sapele Mahogany is an ideal and affordable replacement to Genuine Mahogany.

Fijian MahoganyIf you are looking at pre-packaged rail “kits” with scarf joints already cut, click here.

Finish: Wider boards are S2S (surfaced 2 sides).  Stringers (7/8 x 7/8 and smaller) are surfaced 4 sides.

**Prices shown are Per Linear Foot of the selected dimension**  

If you desire board lengths over 7-1/2 feet, please indicate that in the Order Notes field on the final checkout screen. 

Pickup Orders: Please call ahead to check on availability before making a long trip to pick up lumber.