Nonskid Flooring for Smallcraft

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We've been using this miraculous material as deck pads on Kaholo paddleboards.  We've been really impressed with its functionality, durability, and good looks.  Called SeaDek, it's nonskid padding that's marine-grade, UV-stable, self-adhesive, and can be cut on our CNC machine. 

Applied to the bottom of a small boat, it vastly improves your traction AND it's got enough cushioning (5mm) to protect your knees.  The light gray color looks pleasing in all kinds of boats.

You can order it custom-cut for all of CLC's smallcraft, or in sheet form to cut yourself.  Just clean up your varnished or painted hull bottom, peel the backing off, and stick it down.  Measure carefully---the adhesive is emphatically waterproof and will last for years and years.

For our boats, the flooring is computer-machined to fit the interiors perfectly.  We include radii at all corners, and the patterns are carefully designed to fit around features like daggerboard trunks, mast steps, and other interior details.  Flooring is in port and starboard halves, which looks good, adds traction (as the 3/4-inch wide gap down the middle channels away bilge water), and makes the material easier to peel-and-stick. Click "more images," above, for drawings of the flooring in each of our smallcraft designs.

We recommend marking the bottom panels with a pencil before installation to ensure proper alignment. The adhesive is watertight, VERY strong, and durable. If you need to refinish your interior in the future, you can mask off the nonskid flooring with tape.

Use the pull-down, above, to select each boat or sheet size.