PocketShip Timber Package

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PocketShip's base kit doesn't include the solid timber required for stringers, floorboards, spars, and other sundries.  The instruction manual walks builders through selecting and milling this timber as needed.  From the photos we're getting, builders are finding timber and milling it without much trouble.  However, we're getting request after request for a complete package of timber for PocketShip. 

This is the same cypress, spanish cedar, and sitka spruce that we use for boatbuilding in our shop, and that was used in PocketShip hull #1.  It's the highest-quality timber we can find and buy.  The "rough cut" option gets you all of the timber you need, but will require the most millwork.  The "milled for assembly" option includes our labor to get the pile closer to ready-to-use, but you'll still need to do some tablesaw milling on this stack of lumber to get to the finished dimensions.  Either option will save you days of searching for timber locally.

Joey, David, and the team in the shop have spent hours working to get the price as low as we could without having to skip lunches or get second jobs.

The package is heavy to ship on its own;  it will go via ground freight, of course.  (Or you could pick up at CLC.)  One trial shipping quote from Annapolis to Texas showed that if shipped simultaneously with the PocketShip kit, the total shipping bill only went up by 10-20%.