Sail Track, 5/8" Stainless

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Our Stainless Sail Track is roll formed for precision and strength.  To fasten the track to your mast we recommend #6 stainless steel round head screws that are at least 3/4" long.  The holes for fastening are pre drilled in the track at 2 3/4" intervals. 

The track is available in 4ft and 8ft lengths.  Please note that the 8ft lengths will require a special shipping quote due to their length.   

Other Considerations for mounting your Sail Track:

   PocketShip John's Sharpie 
Sail Track   19 ft.  32 ft.
#6 Screws  83  140
End Stop 3 2
Adjustable Stop  1  2
External Sail Slide  14  16

The End Stops keep your Sail from coming off the top of the mast while the Adjustable Stop allows you to feed the sail onto the mast track and then "lock" it on.  The External Sail Slides are what attach the sail to the Sail Track.