Drop-in Rowing Unit: Scout Rig w/ Gunwale Clamps

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Price: $725.00


Designed to clamp to the gunwales of a canoe, the Scout Rig allows you to row a canoe as a single or double sculling boat.  Depending on the length of the boat, you can even adjust the position of the rig and row with passengers or pets.

The Scout Rig features the same pulling geometry, monorail system, and wheel components as the standard RowWing.

Originally designed for the Boy Scouts of America to convert their rugged fleet canoes into sliding seat sculling boats.  


Track length: 52" L
Wing Rigger Width: 66" W
Gunwale Height Range: 9"-17"
Gunwale Clamping Range: 24-60"
Weight: 22 lbs


Black marine grade anodized aluminum with stainless fasteners and nylon stainless bearing wheels.

SPECIAL ORDER ITEM ONLY: These are not a stocked item, and will take a few weeks for delivery, and may be drop shipped directly from mfg.