Toe-Pilot Rudder Foot Controls with cables (foot controls only)

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Price: $130.00


The "Toe Pilot" footbraces can be retrofitted to an existing rudder system.

The Toe Pilot footbrace and rudder control assembly includes ergonomically designed, two-part foot pedals that offer significant advantages over anything else on the market.  Unlike other systems, your feet don't slide back and forth to steer.  The lower half of the pedals are locked in position so you remain in a solid brace at all times.  Steering is accomplished by minute pressure from your toes to the top half of the pedals.  Even while under way, pedal position is easily adjusted.  Pedals cannot be accidentally dislodged and the track design prevents sand build-up.

Footbrace Mounting Notes: If you don't want your Toe-Pilot footbrace screws to show on the outside of your hull, you may consider using CLC's Footbrace Mounting Kit.   To be able to mount the Toe-Pilots with the Footbrace Mounting Kit, you will also need the Smart Track Vertical Adjustment Kit.  The Footbrace Mounting Kit will not work without it. 

Installation Instructions