Canoe Rowing Rig

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Convert your canoe to a recreational rowboat. Universal design that is easily adjustable to mount to the canoe yoke and gunwales. Fits most canoes with a wooden yoke or thwart. We found that it works wonderfully with our Sassafras 16 canoe, using 7'6" length oars. The rig can easily be adjusted to use longer or shorter length oars.   

Includes Ash outriggers, thwart mount, 4 star knobs, hardware, aluminum mounting brackets, and plastic oarlock sockets. (Oars & oarlocks not included)

CLC Sales Manager Nicky Stimpson says: "It's exciting to see such an elegant and simple rig. The Adjustable Rowing Rig allows one to quickly transition a canoe to a fixed-seat rowing boat. Because of the adjustability of the arms, it can be used with different length oars ranging from 7' to 8'. Being able to row a canoe is a real benefit in rough waters, or when traveling with heavy gear." Nicky has been involved in the sport of rowing as an athlete and coach for more than 20 years.