Custom Wood Nameplate - Laser-Cut Inlay/Onlay

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Mount an elegant custom wooden nameplate on the boat you've built!  These 2" x 3" oval plates are cut with your boat and your name laser-engraved. 

You can epoxy the nameplate anywhere on the boat you like, for example, the deck or aft bulkhead of a kayak, or on the inside of the transom of a rowing or sailing boat.  The plate will hold up a long time unprotected, but coating it in epoxy and varnish like the rest of your boat interior will guarantee it lasts as long as you and your heirs do.  The plate may be inlaid if you prefer.

When you order, type your boat name and your name in the "Special Instructions or Comments" field on the final checkout screen -- we cannot process your order unless you include this information.  Using the pull-down menu, specify whether you want the tag to say "Built by" or "Built for."  Please keep to about 30 characters between boat name and your name.  For example,

Eastport Pram
Built by
John Staub

Kaholo 14
Built for
Kelly Slater

This item is custom made to order.  Please allow 2-3 days turn around time.