Performance Back Band

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Price: $59.99


A taller kayak seat is better for distance paddling or for hours on the water.  This back band offers a fine balance of lasting support and flexibility.  You get the versatility of being able to lean way back in your kayak and the luxury of fatigue reducing back support when paddling for longer periods.  An excellent option for recreational boats. 

The Performance Back Band is built with proprietary thermo molding technology so that it can withstand the test of time on the water.  The backrest is compression molded under 60 tons of pressure and baked at 400°, thereby permanently bonding the fabric to the foam.  The Performance features a bound edge, a molded dimple pattern, and will last considerably longer than any cut and sewn kayak seat.

The new generation of thermal-molded soft-conforming foam self-customizes to each paddler, with multi-buckle adjustment, and universal installation options.  Fasteners and suggested Webbing Eye Straps and Plastic Eye Straps not included.

  • Marine grade
  • fittings front and rear
  • Easy to use basic kayak seat attachments
  • Measures: 20"W x 9"H
  • Thermoformed foam fabric combination
  • Great basic kayak seat for kayak surfing
  • Webbing Eye Straps, Plastic Eye Straps and fasteners not included.