Teardrop Camper Rooftop Vent Kit

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A good ventilation hatch makes the CLC Teardrop Camper hospitable in all but the most torrid heat.  This is a vent hatch with an integrated 12-volt fan with multi speed settings. Fan blades are clear, and the hatch cover is tinted, admitting plenty of natural light without turning the cabin into a greenhouse.  Hatch articulates open by spinning a knob; the hardware is sturdy and well-engineered.  An unobtrusive interlock shuts off the fan if the vent is closed.  The hatch dome has been updated with a sleeker profile for Spring of 2021.   

CLC Flange & Spacer Kit parts are INCLUDED with the vent.  These parts are made from CNC-cut Okoume plywood, and are required for fan installation.  Designed to fit the vents that we offer.  Flange & Spacer Kit are also available without the fan (select from the dropdown).
Rooftop Vent Features:
  • Fits Standard 14" x 14" Opening
  • Screen keeps the bugs out.  Easily removable for cleaning 
  • Manual Lift Dome
  • Impact resistant, UV stabilized materials for extended life
  • CLC Flange & Spacer Kit included
Teardrop Camper Rooftop Vent with FanFan Features:
  • 3 Fan Blade Speeds
  • Reversible Air Flow
  • Quiet Operation