Trailex Skiff Trailer

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Price: $2400.00


Our Trailex Skiff Trailer is a perfect option for our 15'2" Peeler Skiff, and our 14'9" Rhode Runner Runabout, as well as for other flat bottom boats such as our 18'10"Southwester Dory.  Features include all-aluminum construction for lightweight and corrosion resistance, Super Lube bearing caps with grease fittings (bearing buddies), 12" wheels, and complete winch assembly.  The aluminum beams are very strong.  It's pricier than a galvanized or steel trailer, but we think there are huge benefits in gas mileage, transmission wear-and-tear, and ease of use on ramps, and in parking lots. 

 Spare Tire and Spare Tire Carrier are available options. 
Trailer Specifications:
  • Width - 5'
  • Carrying Capacity - 1200 lbs
  • Trailer Length - 16'4"
  • Tire Size - 4:80 x 12" "B" LR
  • Coupler Size - 1-7/8"


Shipping Details:

This trailer is shipped by way of a freight truck directly to your door from the Trailex factory, so each order requires a quote from the freight carrier.  Unlike the SUT models, these are partially assembled at the factory and are unable to be shipped by small package services (FedEx).  These trailers are made to order at the Trailex factory in Ohio, they are not in stock at the CLC shop.  Shipping fees will apply to orders shipped to our Annapolis, MD shop.  Production turnaround time can range from 2-4 weeks, depending on the time of year.  Call to for more details on availability or to get a shipping quote.  PocketShip & Peeler trailers are not eligible for free trailer shipping offers.   

Trailer Licensing and Registration: 

Most states require trailers to be licensed; please refer to your local motor vehicle administration for specific details.  Each trailer is issued a Certificate of Origin by Trailex and Bill of Sale by Chesapeake Light Craft.  All drop-shipped trailers will arrive before the registration paperwork.  The Certificate of Origin must be sent to CLC to be signed over to the first owner of the trailer.  Please allow 7-10 days for the paperwork to arrive.  

Attention Louisiana customers!  It is our understanding that LA law will only allow registration of in-state trailer purchases.  Please check with your local laws prior to placing your trailer order.