West System 205 Fast Hardener

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205 Fast Hardener® is a medium-viscosity epoxy curing agent. It is used in a majority of situations, at lower temperatures and to produce a rapid cure that develops its physical properties quickly at room temperature. When mixed with the 105 Resin in a five-part resin to one-part hardener ratio, the cured resin/hardener mixture yields a rigid, high-strength, moisture-resistant solid with excellent bonding and coating properties. Not intended for clear coating.

All of the quality and careful presentation that has been a hallmark of West System products for 30 years.

Mix Ratio, Resin:Hardener 5 parts resin : 1 part hardener
Pot Life at 72F (22C): 9 to 12 minutes
Cure to a solid state: 6 to 8 hours
Cure to maximum strength: 1 to 4 days
Minimum recommended temperature: 40°F (4°C))
Pumps West System 300 Mini Pump Set

Other sizes of this product (pt, gal. and 12 gal.) can be special ordered. Please call 410-267-0137 or email [email protected] for a price quote .

*This product is one part of a two-part epoxy compound.  Make sure that you are ordering both Resin AND Hardener. 

* International Customers: we do not ship this product outside the US.