Western Red Cedar - Marine Boards

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Western red cedar (thuja plicata) has many desirable characteristics for boatbuilding including very light weight and a deep reddish hue beneath varnish. An entire cottage industry exists in building strip-planked kayaks, canoes, and small craft from this beautiful, renewable material.  Our western red cedar boards come mostly from Vancouver Island, British Columbia and are of the highest quality.  These cedar boards have straight, tight grain.  There can be broad color variations within even the same Western Red cedar board, unlike Alaskan Yellow or Nogal boards. 

This is the same cedar we use for bead-and-cove strips in strip-planked kayaks and hybrid decks. 

Finish: S4S (surfaced 4 sides)  

Prices shown are Per Lineal Foot of the selected dimension. If you desire board lengths over 7-1/2 feet, please call and indicate lengths for a shipping quote. 

Pickup Orders: Please call ahead to check on availability before making a long trip to pick up lumber.