3M Acryl-White Glazing Putty - 14.5 oz

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This Acryl-White Glazing Putty from 3M is perfect for filling shallow scratches, pinholes, and other surface defects beneath paint. Fast drying, easy to spread, and easy to sand, this is what the professionals use at body painting and yacht painting shops for quick fixes.

Dries, ready for sanding, in minutes!  Works on all types of surfaces.  Not meant for deep gouges;  maximum fill depth is about the thickness of a fingernail.  That makes it perfect for scratches and minor imperfections that would otherwise create a lot of filling and sanding if you resorted to epoxy.  Not quite sure what we'd do without a tube of this in CLC's boatbuilding shop!

White in color.  As long as you keep the cap on tight it lasts for ages on the shelf.