Sweetheart Smoothing Bench Plane by Stanley

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Price: $189.00


A joy to hold in your hands and to use. Heirloom quality; with even modest care this plane will still work like new 100 years from now. Perfect for spar making, beveling stringers, and furniture building.

The Classic STANLEY No. 4 Sweetheart Smoothing Bench Woodworking Planer is made from extra thick, 1/8-inch A2 steel for excellent edge retention, with a one-piece base and frog. The wood planer hand tool has a norris-type adjuster with lateral locking feature, and adjustable throat plate.

  • One piece base and frog virtually eliminates chatter
  • Cherry wood handle and knob for comfort
  • Adjustable throat plate for different types of wood
  • Mouth adjustment for different types of wood
  • Stanley part #12-136