LED Lights - 8" LED Strip

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Price: $29.99


Scan Strip 4-Color LED builds on the popularity of LED light strips. Simple 2-wire connections with any on/off switch is all that is required to cycle from White to Blue to Red to Green. Switch off for more than 4 seconds resets the color to white.  These are high output, low power comsumption in a sturdy casing for marine environments.  Multiple strips can be powered off the same circuit due to a very low amp draw. Strip is 8-inches long.

  • Colors Daylight White (5500-6300K), Blue, Red, Green
  • Lifespan 30,000 + Hours
  • 120° Beam Angle
  • 12 Volt 
  • Watts 8" = 1.2
  • Lumens 8" White = 94
  • Can be installed in exteriors locations
  • Ideal for under gunwale lighting
  • SS Mounting Screws Included
  • 8" (8-7/8" L x 7/8" W x 1/2" H)

(LED lights shown in Teardrop interior photos are of an earlier model that are no longer available.)