Strip Planking 22: Straightening a Crooked Seam [video]


Nick Schade writes:


After carefully stripping the back deck, I notice the feature line had a funny bump in it. I used 2" wide strips on the back deck and as I fitted them in place I let the angle of the taper I planed on the strips push the side of the boat out a bit. Then when I installed the next strip I had to create a tighter angle to match the remaining space. This resulted in a bump along the edge. I should have been more careful in matching the strip to the space instead of letting the strip define the space.

Because I used yellow carpenters glue (AKA PolyVinyl Acetate (AKA "PVA")) which is a thermoplastic that can be softened with heat, I chose to take apart the seam between the deck and the side with a heat gun, re-trim the side of the deck and then reinstall it back in place.

I used a high-output heat gun and a putty knife to take apart the seam. First heating up the area and then pushing the knife into the seam to peel it apart. This was harder to think about than it was to actual accomplish. Within about 20 minutes the whole project was done and I could continue on with other tasks.