Petrel Build: 01 Making the Forms [video]


Nick Schade writes:


I've started building a Petrel for a customer. I'll be using 3/16" western red cedar, book matching and building without staples. In this video I'm doing one of the first steps necessary to build a strip-planked boat from scratch. I'm cutting the forms.

I start by cutting out the paper patterns. These are the same type as are included in the boat plans. Using 3M "Super 77" spray adheasive, I stick the forms down to 1/2" thick MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). Note that I stick the paper down by starting at one edge and the sliding my hand across the pattern to lay it down without wrinkles.

I then rough cut the forms off the MDF panel to make them easier to handle a the bandsaw. In this case I used the bandsaw to cut a little outside the line. I then sanded right to the line with a table-mounted belt sander. I then roughed out the strongback holes  and cleaned them up with an accurately cut 2" x 4" template using a table mounted router with a template bit.