We love to see your photos on the forum, but we do not host the photos on clcboats.com.  So... 
In order to post photos on the CLC Builders Forum, you will first need to host the photos somewhere out there on the web.  FlickrPhotobucket, and Google Photos are all popular image hosting services and there are plenty of others.  The important thing is that the service allows you to link directly to the image itself (an image URL should end with a ".jpg" extension or similar), not just the page on their website.
TinyPic is a service that doesn't even require you to create an account.  Here is what it would look like to host your image on TinyPic.
Posting a photo 
Most services will provide a few linking options, like the ones above.  Look for the direct link, with the .jpg (or similar) extension.  Copy the URL (CTRL-C or Right-Click and "Copy"). 
When composing your post, click on the icon that looks like a photograph (below) to insert an image.
Posting photos


A small window will pop-up.  Paste your URL into the first field, as shown below.  

Posting a Photo 
The dimensions of the photos are automatically detected (580 pixels wide by 370 pixels high in the example above).  You only have about 575 pixels of width to work with on forum posts---larger photos will be automatically downsized to fit when your post displays on the forum.
Click the OK button and you will return to editing your post, with the new image in place.  Double-click your image in the composition window at any time to resize it, add a link to it, change alignment, or change the image altogether.
Drop us an email if you continue to have any trouble.