Maplewoodshop Brings Woodworking to Youngsters

Maplewoodshop Woodworking Programs
The Maplewoodshop woodworking
benches in action.

While known the world over for wooden boat kits, CLC's manufacturing expertise has been deployed to make a marvelous variety of things: airplane parts, pickle ball paddles, furniture, art installations, even crash test dummies.

This summer we had the opportunity to support an amazing company, Maplewoodshop. Located in New Jersey, Maplewoodshop is a nimble and innovative outfit helping schools and camps teach children woodworking, with the goal of creating a future community of woodworkers, builders and creators. 

One essential component of Maplewoodshop's programs is the literal basis for woodworking: a workbench. Maplewoodshop's workbench is a paragon of clever and original industrial design. Each unit is in fact two workbenches, which can in seconds be clasped athwartships across an ordinary folding table. The bench has several clamping modes to suit a variety of woodworking chores: cross-cutting, ripping, drilling, and so on. And this summer CLC manufactured nearly 700 of them, destined to help build the next generation of builders.

Maplewoodshop Woodworking Programs for Kids

Each workbench unit is in fact two benches for young woodworkers, clamped to a table.


Since launching in 2016, Maplewoodshop has partnered with more than 120 schools and camps to integrate woodworking into STEM, career and technical education, and special education programs. The company has a partnership with the Northeast Carpenters Apprenticeship Fund to help today’s students become tomorrow’s carpenters. If you want to see Maplewoodshop's programs in your schools or camps, click here! 

Recently Maplewoodshop's woodworking program was featured on CBS New York. CBS2's John Elliott took a trip to JHS 190 in Queens to hear from teachers and students about how they use woodshop in their classrooms. It was a great opportunity to highlight JHS 190 and all the incredible learning that is happening through woodworking in classrooms nationwide. 

Having refined the Maplewoodshop woodworking bench assembly line, CLC looks forward to fabricating hundreds more benches and helping to mint new woodworkers. Some of them will become boatbuilders! 


Custom Manufacturing at Chesapeake Light Craft

Hundreds of Maplewoodshop woodworking benches manufactured by Chesapeake Light Craft, being readied for shipment at the CLC factory in Annapolis, Maryland. While simple to use, the benches are deceptively tricky to fabricate. Each unit has upwards of 50 components, every part requiring high precision.