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Geoff Kerr builds Annapolis Wherries at the WoodenBoat School

Since 1994, CLC boatbuilding classes have launched almost 3000 boats and introduced countless men, women, and children to the joys of boatbuilding. Our talented professional instructors will help you assemble your own boat from start to finish. Most classes are 5-1/2 days. It's a perfect one-week vacation, and you'll take your own boat home, ready for finish work.  

In 2022 we ran more than 35 classes at sites in Maine, Maryland, Michigan, California, and Washington State. For 28 years we've partnered with the famous WoodenBoat School in Brooklin, Maine, providing instructors, curricula, and boat kits.  We've also led classes at the International Yacht Restoration School in Rhode Island, the Center for Wooden Boats and the Northwest Maritime Center in Washington State, the Great Lakes Boatbuilding School in Michigan, the Low Country Maritime Society in South Carolina, Peters Valley School of Craft in New Jersey, the Mariners' Museum in Virginia, the Spaulding Wooden Boat Center in California, and many others. 

Over the last 28 years, our professional builder-instructors have evolved the choreography of the one-week class to a very high pitch of refinement.  We will make sure you finish the week with a beautiful boat. You don't need any experience, and only basic tools. We've hosted every age from 8 to 80, often at the same time. Sign up for the class, present yourself at the 0800 Monday start, and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.


Why build a boat in a class?

•   You’ll have a professional boatbuilder at your side every minute
•   You’ll enjoy the positive energy—and extra hands—of a group setting
•   This is a great family or parent-child experience
•   You’ll start and complete boat kit assembly in a week
•   You’ll have lavishly equipped shops at your disposal during the class
•   You’ll enjoy beautiful maritime settings 

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We also offer private boatbuilding classes.


Upcoming Boatbuilding Classes:


  Recent Boatbuilding Classes:

Skerries built at WoodenBoat School  
Six Skerries built at the WoodenBoat School in Brooklin, Maine - September 2010    


Skerry Class - April 2008