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Posted by Petewp on Jan 25, 2008

Robert how ARE [okay THAT was shouting]. Wow, last I recall you were in transition. Hope things have ironed out nicely. Though lets be real, life always has wrinkles that need ironing. Sometimes I think my life is a laundry pile.

Wow - so fill me in on your yaking exploits and such!! My WR180 is newly hatched [yes can you believe it -it took about 8 years to get around to putting hatches in! I was always so satisfied with the deck back for my day trips. You know - binos, soda, sandwich, gps and marine radio. The reason, I'm putting the hatches in is for camping. Ive spied a few dune-ish areas for camping thats actually legit if you can believe it. Most other spots in the north east are strictly forbidden. Essentially, if you can hear or smell the ocean your too close! I think there are a few other parks that make it "OK" - but they are jam packed in season and are not "wilderness" sites at all. Its really a damned shame actually. At anyrate , my intent is to camp off season and over a couple of weekdays. I'll take a little nip in the air over having to see loud, drunken campers pissing in the sand.

So tell me what you've been up to. Oh hey - come visit my new website!! Its not complete but its a nice start. In some ways i liked my old one - but the price was so right with this one I had to try it out.



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