Re: Plans for Oars

Posted by Greg M on Jan 25, 2008

Hi Elliot,

I purchased the oars from CLC for my Eastport Pram. I rocommend them if you want spoon blades. They come from Vancover Island and may be less expensive purchased in Canada.

I plan to make a pair of oars for an Adirondack Guide Boat. Oars are cut from a 10 ft spruce 2X8. The plans call for a lighter oar tapered and balanced with pinned oarlocks. The blade is not spooned but the board thickness would allow carving. I found however that every time I deviated from the original design of the Guide Boat, it didn't work out.

The plans for these oars are available from Newfound Boatworks. I don't have a link. Google Adirondack Guide Boat.

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