Matunuck surf kayak

Posted by George K on Jan 27, 2008

I've been working on the BETA version of the Matunuck for the past few months and I must say this has been one of the most interesting builds I've done. Nick Schade does some pretty neat stuff with plywood. It was fascinating watching the shape appear as it was wired together. And equally amazing that some of those parts didn't break considering the bends demanded from them. A lot of fiberglass reinforced packing tape is used (see album) to not only keep those parts from breaking (it's put on the outside of several parts while bending) but to assemble the deck and hull. There is no sheer clamp, the joint is filletted and taped inside. I bookmatched walnut burl on the decks and coaming ring. The boat still needs final sanding and varnish and outfitting the cockpit. For you surfers out there, the bottom has quite a bit of rocker and Nick has figured out how to put a concave in the nose that flattens out in the tail. You can see it in the tail photo. Pretty impressive. I haven't put fins on and may not. They're not allowed in most competition and beach landings are easier without them. I put two layers of 4 oz 'glass on the bottom, the rest of the boat is one layer of 4 oz. Weighs around 20 pounds right now, will be 23 or so when outfitted.

George K

p.s. Kurt, we finally found a boat your size! Hopefully I'll be bringing it to Texas in a few months. Got any surf on that lake? Sorry I didn't have it last year!

Matunuck album