Boat terminology

Posted by Kerry on Jan 27, 2008

I hope you guys can help me. I am an artist in the middle of publishing an instructional book on painting. One painting is of a simple old wooden row boat(abandoned on the beach). As I instruct the reader how to paint this part or that, I need to give the proper name to the part in which I am refering. Two names I need are 1) the center spine-like board that goes down the middle of the boat's floor- from end to end, and 2) the "ribs" or vertical stud-like braces that go from the edge of the boat down to that center piece on the inside.

I have looked on the web for any kind of diagram to no avail. I hope someone can give me the correct terminology I need. Thanks for any help, and I apologize for horning in on this forum with such a question, but I had no one else to ask! Please contact me at [email protected].

Regards, Kerry