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Posted by Matt J. on Jan 29, 2008

LOL... Thanks Ron. Responsible isn't always my middle name, but I do what I can, within the bounds of doing what I want... ;)

For David, I used Brightsides, which until now I was NOT a fan of. But, I wanted black and didn't think to get the paint until the day I wanted to use it, so couldn't order from Kirby's up in Massachusetts. The brightsides, with appropriate primer and prep, really did a nice job of covering the hull. That's only two coats plus 2 of (dark gray Brightsides) primer, and there are no visible transparencies in the finish.

FWIW, I went back and forth until the second I put the primer on (yes, including the 2 hours between buying $70 or so worth of paint and applying it I wasn't sure I wanted to apply it). In te end I decided I was willing to sacrifice the look of a wood hull for what I hoped would b be a stunning contrast with pure black and the deeper shades of wood on the deck. I'm thrilled with it. I ended up deciding that the hull plywood is "just plywood" and so not really a stunning thing to behold; compared to the hull wood - that sapele is GORGEOUS wood and must be displayed.

best of luck to the new builders; it's a fun project.

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